Adam Linson
Artist bio
Adam Linson is a double bassist, improviser, and composer, who also designs, develops, and performs with real-time interactive computer music systems. He performs regularly on the double bass, acoustically and with live electronics, as a soloist and in a wide variety of ensembles. His perf­ormances are documented on labels including Intakt Records, psi, ECM, and Ambiances Magnétiques.
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Academic bio
Adam Linson is currently a Research Fellow, based at the University of Stirling, Institute for Advanced Studies. His research interests include theoretical neurobiology and ecology, comput­ational psych­iatry, and auditory sensori­motor interaction, alongside phil­osophy of biology and philosophy of modelling. He was previously an Anniversary Fellow in Computing and Philosophy at Stirling, and a Fellow or Visiting Fellow at UCL, University of Edinburgh, and University of Oxford. His publications include research articles in Behavioural Brain Research, Cognitive Neuro­psychiatry, Frontiers in Robotics and AI, Biology & Philosophy, and Computer Music Journal.
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Email: adam [at] percent [dash] s [dot] com